Mission_Insane Master Table

I might be crazy for attempting this, but it may also be just what I need to get into writing regularly again. :D The fandom will be Hetalia since it's where my plotbunnies are, featuring whoever I get one for.

Master Table

01. Emotions 02. Phrases 03. Animals 04. Liquids
05. Weather 06. Cliché 07. Un-Themed 1 08. Un-Themed 2
09. Un-Themed 3 10. Un-Themed 5 11. Un-Themed 8 12. Inspired by Fairy Tales
13. Inspired by Games 14. Inspired by Movies 15. Inspired by Songs 16. Inspired by Master Plots
17. Gen-Fic 18. (Auto)Biography 19. Non-Fiction 20. Crack


The Natural Methods of Healing

Title: The Natural Methods of Healing
Filler: jencatd
Prompt: Something with Australia and a nekotalia cat version of him.
Characters/Pairings: Australia, Aussiekitten, New Zealand. Mentions of America, Canada, and Australia's Koala.
Ratings/Warnings: Occasional swearword?
Word Count: 3168
Summary: After an adventure in the States that puts him and America in hospital, Australia returns home and New Zealand gives Australia a kitten as a get-well gift that reminds him a little of himself.
Author's Notes: Written for fairdinkumbamf's 12 Days of Kinkmas Marathon.

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